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Storm Damage: Faster to Any Size Disaster

8/28/2023 (Permalink)

Residents of Newburgh, Jasper, and surrounding areas:

Storms can bring high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall, leading to significant damage to properties. Here are some ways our team can help homeowners and businesses during wind, hail, and water damage events:

Quick Response: Prompt response is crucial during storm events to assess the damage and provide immediate assistance. Rest assured our team is available and ready to respond quickly to emergency calls and requests for help.

Property Inspection: Conduct thorough inspections of properties affected by storms to assess the extent of damage. This includes checking roofs, windows, siding, gutters, and other areas that are susceptible to wind and hail damage.

Roof Repairs: Wind and hail can cause damage to roofs, such as missing shingles, leaks, or structural issues. Our team can provide roof repairs or temporary solutions like tarping to prevent further water damage until proper repairs can be made.

Window and Door Repairs: High winds and flying debris during storms can break windows and damage doors. Our team can offer repair services to secure and replace broken windows and doors, ensuring the safety and security of the property.

Water Damage Restoration: Storms often bring heavy rainfall, leading to water damage inside properties. Our team can assist with water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent further damage and mold growth. Providing comprehensive water damage restoration services will help homeowners and businesses recover quickly.

Hail Damage Repairs: Hailstorms can cause damage to roofs, siding, windows, and other exterior surfaces. Your team can conduct hail damage assessments and provide repairs or replacements as necessary.

Insurance Assistance: Help homeowners and businesses navigate the insurance claims process by providing documentation of damages, coordinating with adjusters, and advocating for fair and timely claim settlements.

By offering these services and being available to help during wind, hail, and water damage events, our team can provide valuable assistance to affected property owners. 

Does insurance cover that after storm damage?

8/22/2023 (Permalink)

Storm season is approaching...

As the summer season comes to an end it's always a good idea to review your insurance. Insurance is great --it keeps you calm during your storm. But, your insurance may not cover as much as you think. 

Do you know your agent's name and contact information?

Your agents want to help you, try to keep in contact with them on what to do when disaster strikes. It's never a bad idea to review your contract and discuss the ins and out of what is covered. Another good idea is to check your deductible. How much will you need to pay out of pocket before it reaches the level that your insurance can help you? Also, are there separate coverage and deductibles for hurricanes, floods, etc. 

It's always good to stay prepared, and we hope that disaster doesn't strike but SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties is here to help 24/7 -365!

Storm Damage to Newburgh Roof

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

Newburgh Storm Damage

Storm and high winds can cause hail damage, water damage, and storm damage to Newburgh homes. Our team of certified restoration specialists can fix storm damage to your Newburgh home. This most recent storm caused considerable damage to a home in Newburgh. The home was hit, and as the storm knocked parts of the roof out, it created water damage in the main rooms on the second floor. We tarped the roof to not cause secondary damage, and our team helped clean up the water. The customers said they were very happy with how our team handled everything. 

Storm damage to a home's roof can be devastating, but our team is professionally capable of handling any storm damage issues that you may have. The homeowners were pleased they called SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties.

Prepare your Home for Wind and Storm Damage

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

damaged ceiling Wind and Storm Damage

Storm Damage to your Newburgh Home

When wind and storms come your way, you need to make sure your roof and home are secure. There are ways to secure your roof and home before the storm comes. Roof damage can create secondary inside water damages in your home. As well, as other glass and fragile areas in your home.


Call a roofing professional to ensure your roof shingles are in place. You can even have them apply adhesive to keep them in place during high wind seasons.

Other Damages

Here are a few other thoughts to consider before storm damage season comes:

  • Secure Doors, Windows, and Garage
  • Doors and Windows Are Wind-Ready
  • Roof damage isn’t the only consideration when preparing your home for strong winds.

Other Wind Fragile Areas

  • Permanent impact-resistant shutters will protect your windows against heavy winds, rain, and hail.
  • Entry doors should have dead bolt locks and three hinges for high wind protection.
  • Impact-resistant glass is a must for all patio doors and windows.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your garage door to see if bracing kits are available. They create double the protection for your home.

Keep your home or business safe with these tips before the storms come this spring season.

Spring Floods

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

flooded living room How to stay safe during flood season.

How to stay safe during a flood?

Floodwaters are scary enough when they happen outside of your home, but when they come into your safe haven it is even more dangerous than you imagine. Floodwaters are some of the most infested waters. The rainwater from floods runs across the pavement, landscaping, industrial plants, and more. All of these chemicals, oils, debris, dead animals and insects can all be carried into your home. This means this water is highly contaminated. 

This is why you should not try to clean these damages on your own. When floodwaters come into your home, you want a professional to take care of the water damage. 

We have several pieces of equipment, like a submersible pump for deep water, truck-mounted extractors, and portable extractors to help clean up your water damage. 

Between our professional equipment and trained technicians with specialized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you can leave to ensure your home is in good hands. 

There are special cleaning procedures needed after a flood, and having the right training can help save you money, and time, and keep you safe. 

Call our offices today for more information on how we can help safely remove water and debris in your flood-damaged home. Flooding can be overwhelming, so let us help! 

Certified Storm Expert

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

man in black polo Tony Roberts is here to help!

Certified, Trained, and Ready to Help

With over twenty years of experience in water, fire, mold, and restoration. Tony Roberts is here to help. Tony and his wife, Julie started their franchises with a dream: to help people. They have achieved this above and beyond. Tony and Julie have now helped customers, not only in their town but in over 30 states as storm teams. 

Tony builds teams of trained technicians to load equipment and be ready to help on a national level or local level when a storm event occurs. He shows compassion and resilience when needed during long hours during weeks and months of being on the storm events. 

We are lucky to have Tony lead these storm teams to greatness. When an emergency like a tornado, hurricane, or flooding hits --you want a professional who can help you get your home back. 

Storm Damage in Newburgh

2/20/2022 (Permalink)

lightening Storm damage --be prepared!

Are you ready?

Storm season is about to be in full swing in April. When April showers come, they often bring thunderstorms, lightning, and sometimes tornadoes. Indiana weather is unpredictable. The weather can go from a beautiful spring day to a horrible cloudy sky in minutes. The best way to combat these days that go from one extreme to the next is to be prepared ahead of time. Here are a few tips that help you stay ahead of the storms: 

  • Create an Emergency Plan: Know your evacuation routine, and how to contact family and get them to the safe meeting spot
  • Practice the Emergency Plan: Go over this plan several times during the year with your family
  • Secure your Home: Anything you can keep secure in a safe or documents/photos that need to be secured do so before the storm hits.
  • Review Insurance Plan: Know what your policy covers and what it does not 
  • Stay Informed! 

Keep these in mind before storm season really starts up. SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties is here to help with preparedness before those storms hit.

Commercial properties can call our offices for Emergency Ready Profiles to make their business secure. 

Newburgh home needs storm damage Clean-up

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage in Newburgh

During the storm season, many homes are impacted by a variety of damages. 

This home had several tree branches fall on the roof and make several holes in the ceilings of the home. The rain that came next flooded the home with several inches of water. 

SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties was called in for the clean-up. The customer called us for roof tarp-up and to get out the standing water. Once our team gets out all of our standing water and tarps the roof --they can begin assessing the water damage to the rest of the home. 

Water damage and storm emergencies happen at any time day or night. Call our team at SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer, and Dubois Counties for help during these spring storms. We are here to help!

National Preparedness Month- Prepare your Newburgh Home

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

Protect your Newburgh Home from future Water, Fire damages

Our friends from have tips for National Preparedness Month and how to get your home or business ready for future weather and winter weather. September is Preparedness Month and you never know when a weather event could hit your home. Emergency disasters can happen at any time, so having a plan can help create a way to help your home and family in the future. 

Step 1: Make a Plan

Step 2: Build a Kit 

Step 3: Low-Cost Preparedness

Step 4: Teach Children about 

Preparing your Newburgh business?

For more information on how we prepare for emergency weather, call our offices today. Our marketing team has Emergency Readiness Profiles to help your business get ready for emergency disasters. 

Emergency Storm Damage Kits

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

The storms are here, and they can prove to be dangerous. When storms occur the best way to protect yourself and your families is to shelter safely away from the storm. When storms happen there is not always a specific sign of how long they will last or how long the damages will last and their impact. 

We have compiled a list of some items to keep handy during storm season in your safe zone. Here are a few below: 

  • Extra batteries 
  • Non-perishable food 
  • Bottled Water
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Battery operated radio 
  • extra chargers 
  • extra food for your pets 
  • phone numbers of local emergency systems

After the storm is over, we hope you do not need to call us, but if you do -- (812) 706-2100. We are open 24/7 and 365 days.

Storm Safety

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

Storm and Tornado Season

Residents of Newburgh, Jasper, Santa Clause, Morganfield, and surrounding local areas: storm season is here. In April, things take a turn and the rain clouds turn to storm clouds. There are a few ways to keep safe. One of those is by having accurate and fail-proof warnings from weather stations and alerts. Check out the three below that can work best for your family and home:

  • Reviewable alerts (you can scroll through alerts and turn off the siren for alerts you do not wish to hear).
  • Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) alert programming (alerts when specific counties are threatened, ensuring you only receive alerts for your county).
  • Ease of programming

Keep these alerts in mind, so that your family has a plan to know when storms are coming and be updated on them while sheltering in a storm-safe place for storms. 

Winter Storm Damages

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

Winter Storm Damages to Your Home or Business 

Snow removal can be key when it comes to making sure you home or roof of your home does not cause more damages.

Did you know one square foot of compacted snow can weigh close to 50 pounds? Think about how much weight is sitting on your roof.  Many roofs, especially, older, flat, or structures such as carports, garages, and sheds are not always rated to support this kind of weight.  

When a roof collapses it can create major damages. Not only can it make your roof cave in, but it can create damages to whatever contents is inside of the buildling. Try tor remove snow safely and timely to protect your buildings. 

Please, before a storm occurs, winter or other, check with your insurance policy to see what is covered. Typical storm damages, especially winter ones, do not always get covered in a standard policy.

Ice Storm

2/20/2021 (Permalink)

In recent days, we have been pelted with ice and snow. Ice and snow can create water damages in your home or business. The problems with ice and snow in your home can become problematic even after the storm has passed.

When snow sits on top of your roof, it can create an ice dam as it begins to melt creating water that builds and leaks into your home. When there are weak spots in a roof, this situation is even more likely to occur. 

When snow damage occurs, it can cause flooding in basements, garages, and other areas of your home. Trust the professionals to help you with your water damages after the ice and snow have passed. Get our number ready to call so we can be to help you 24/7 and 365 days. 

Flooded Basement

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

When storm damage occurs there is never a right time. The best way to prepare for water damages from a storm is to have a team ready to help. 

Our offices are on standby when storm damages are in the area. 

In a recent home, flood waters entered the home through the basement. The basement door to the bottom floor of the home spread water from the garage to the basement. Because of the category of water, the flooring, drywall, and other aspects of the basement had to be taken a part and replaced by our reconstruction team. 

Our team helped out out customer, and she was pleased she did not have to deal with aftermath of more vendors and other contractors. 

The one stop shop way with us is the best way for relief after a storm.

Our Storm Team is Here to Help

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Have you heard about SERVPRO's national storm team? 

When it comes to storm, we know how to help. 

Our storm team of SERVPRO® of Warrick, Spencer and Dubois Counties has been to over 25 different states to aide on storm events. 

Our storm team, teams up with other locations of SERVPRO to help customers in other communities. 

We send several of our employees and truck loads of equipment to these towns and communities to aide their citizens. We stay anywhere from days to weeks and even months on a few occasions. That is why you know help is on the way when you see those big green trucks rolling into your town. We know that storms can leave devastation and destruction --but we are here to help take away some of the hardships that come with flood waters, storm winds, and other impacts from hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms. 

We are here to help, call your local office today.